Ceramic Coating Services

We select various coatings for different surfaces based on our experience of what works best for particular vehicle types. Our ceramic coatings are all advanced semi-permanent protective coatings lasting for approximately 2 years when properly maintained. We offer full services for the application of a ceramic coating to protect the paint, wraps, paint protection film, glass, trim, Wheels, Brake Calipers and Exhaust Tips. Ceramic coating technology is harder than a clear coat and extremely scratch-resistant. It protects your vehicle from general road grime and prevents contaminants from penetrating the protective barrier. In order for the ceramic coating to work best, it is important that proper preparation is executed. Ceramic coatings should be applied to the smoothest surface possible, so we also offer paint correction service if needed. Ceramic coating is focused on durability and is chemically engineered to be more protective and long-lasting than any wax or sealant on the market.